Taking Advantage of Your Opponent's Mistakes

Taking Advantage of Your Opponent’s Mistakes

Always look for bad positioning of your opponents. When one is forward and the other one is back, if you are opposite the opponent that is back hit the ball diagonally between the two opponents, otherwise return the ball to the opponent that is back.   Why? 1) As a general rule a well-placed diagonal shot between your opponents who are separated front and back is almost impossible for them to return. 2) It is harder for an opponent who is at the back of the court to make a point than it is for one at the No Volley Zone.

If one of your opponents moves to the side but the other opponent doesn’t move with him or her, then hit the ball between the opponents.   • Some players will compensate for a weak backhand by moving so they can return the ball with their forehand. When this happens, an opening may occur where you can take advantage of them being out of position. 

If your opponents tend to linger in No-Mans-Land (the area between the base line and a couple of feet back from the NVL) aim shots at point about one foot behind their feet.  

When in doubt of where to return the ball, aim for a spot between your opponents.   Why? As a general rule a shot between your opponents is more difficult for them to return due to indecision as to who is to return the ball. It is also a high probability shot for you to make since you are usually aiming toward the middle of the court and not along the sides or the back.