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Head Radical Pro Paddle........Review by Deb Richter

Get excited, Head Paddles are available at PickleballCentral.  For the past two weeks, thanks to PickleballCentral’s new demo program, I’ve had the opportunity to use one of the new Head Radical Pro paddles.  I am a 4.0 woman and I love the soft game.  I have tried many different paddles and most recently, have been playing with an Engage paddle.  This Head paddle has a great new shock absorbing handle and grip that was very comfortable, solid, and a full 4 1/4 inch girth for those with bigger hands.  I found the paddle weighted nicely, some weight in the tip for a snappy shot but most of the weight was deeper in the paddle for consistent shots and less swing. Dinks and blocks at the net were solid, the sweet spot was sufficient for me, and the surface allowed me to impart spin with less effort than many paddles.

I felt very confident using the Radical Pro when I wanted to impart spin and at the net for a firm block or penetrating dink.  This is a great paddle for the player who has control and wants to add firm, consistent power to their game.  Thanks again, PickleballCentral for the chance to demo this paddle and for the second paddle to be given as a prize at our upcoming tournament!  

Check it out at http://www.pickleballcentral.com/HEAD_Pickleball_Paddles_s/292.htm