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Local Mountain Picklers information

The committee is looking for helpers for beginner lessons/sessions. We will train you so you won’t be on your own. Please reply to the newsletter, let us know you’re available to help!! THANKS!!!! Also, the committee has decided to charge a small fee ($5) for beginner lessons. The $$ will go into the Mountain Pickler Funds. Just a way to justify the time spent on the courts by our trainers.

We are also going to create a phone list of Mountain Picklers. Have you ever wanted to call someone for a pickup game, but did not have any contact info? Reply to the newsletter letting us know you want to be on our phone list with the number best to reach you. We’ll do the rest.

A quick reminder of how we operate

We have LOTS of new members, and are very thankful for every smiling face on the courts, BUT, every once in a while we need to refresh everyone on the rules. Generally, we allow winners to stay on the court, split, and two new people join them. If we have lots of people waiting, once you’ve won 2 games in a row, you also should rotate out and let a new group play.

And then there is the new Ball Machine, THE TUTOR!!

Check out facebook for some ideas of how to use this great tool. It's a public group. "Pickleball Tutor owners" There are also several YouTube videos available for ideas! Get out there and try it out!!